Cutting of long products

We offer a complete cutting service for long metal profiles, using laser cutting technology and different sawing, drilling and profile marking systems.
iso-9001ce 1090
laser cutting


Laser cutting

We carry out 3D cutting and punching of profiles and large tubes, round, square, rectangular, special sections and beams.

Manufacturing tolerance: UNE-EN ISO 9013:2017 / UNE-EN 22768-2

cut long products
laser cutting
  • Types of profiles

    Cutting and punching capacity of all types of profiles with the highest precision and material loading up to 12.5 metres in length.

  • Lengths

    Maximum lengths and dimensions of profiles admitted: I.P.E. 200, U.P.N. 200, H.E.A. 160, H.E.B. 140, Angle 150x15 mm, Square Tube 200x200 mm, Round Tube Ø 240mm.

  • Bevelled cut

    Preparation for welding and other multi-angle bevel cuts up to 45°.

  • Optical scanner and weld detection system

    Accuracy enhancement systems compensate for errors or inaccuracies in the raw material as well as detecting weld zones by automatically positioning the weld side where it is needed.

All types of profiles

Saw cutting

Our band saw and disc cutting machines provide us with the ability to make precise and efficient cuts in a wide variety of materials, which allows us to offer high quality work and meet our customers' expectations.

Manufacturing tolerance: UNE-EN 22768-1:1994

drill cutting
saw cut
Cutting saw
  • Packages

    Possibility to cut complete packages of profiles or individually.

  • High precision

    Productivity and precision in every cut, with our various saw cutting systems we achieve the highest levels of quality.

  • Mitre

    Possibility to cut up to 60° mitres in both directions.

  • Drilling and marking

    Up to 1,000 mm profile width and 16 metres in length. Possibility of drilling holes up to 54 mm in diameter, located on up to 3 sides of the material.

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