Sheet metal cutting

We have the necessary tools and technology to provide you with a comprehensive service for the transformation and handling of all types of sheet metal, with quality finishes and short delivery times.
iso-9001ce 1090

Precision cutting

Laser cutting

The state-of-the-art laser cutting system is highly reliable and efficient, providing high power and exceptional cut quality. Jobs produced with this system are delivered with optimum quality and perfectly finished edges, reducing production time and costs associated with the use of abrasives and cleaning.

Manufacturing tolerance: UNE-EN ISO 9013:2017 / UNE-EN 22768-2

sheet metal cutting
sheet metal cutting
Liftmaster Arm
  • Perforations

    Avoid subsequent machining processes by drilling minimum holes up to 1/3 of the thickness.

  • Cutting thickness

    Maximum punching capacity for sheet metal up to 25mm thick.

  • Dimensions

    Possibility of cutting large format pieces with a surface of up to 6000x2500mm.

  • Brightline System

    Top quality cuts with perfect surface finish and shiny edges.

Cutting of thick sheet metal

Oxyfuel cutting

We have several oxy-fuel cutting machines that can cut parts up to 100mm thick, 16 metres long and 3000mm wide. This cutting process is usually complemented with additional shot blasting or machining operations to obtain a more precise finish of the piece.

Manufacturing tolerance: UNE-EN ISO 9013:2017

Oxycutting at work
Large oxyfuel
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