Structural profiles

Structural Profiles are construction elements, manufactured by the hot rolling process, to support heavy loads. They are open profiles shaped to specific dimensions by heating the rolled billet.
iso-9001ce 1090

Technical characteristics

  • Manufactured according to the standardUNE-EN 36526:1994
  • Standard supplyUNE-EN 10025-2,3,4,5,6:2020
  • Standard tolerancesUNE-EN 10034:1994
  • QualitiesS275JR, S355JR and S355J2* S275JR, S355JR and S355J2* S275JR and S355J2
  • TreatmentsLaminated, shot-blasted, primed or galvanised
  • LengthsFrom 10 to 18 m.
* Other qualities on request


Types of structural profiles

We offer different types of structural profiles, all with parallel flanges and grouped into three types: I-profilesalso called "double T", symmetrical about the main and secondary axes and with a height to width ratio of approximately 2:1. H-profilesThey are symmetrical, but with an approximate ratio of 1:1 between height and width, however, above a certain height the width does not vary. U-profilessymmetrical about their principal axis.

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