Flat product

The flat product refers to carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium sheet, hot-rolled or cold-rolled, which we distribute and transform through various production processes. It is valued for its ability to adapt to different shapes and sizes, its strength and durability. The availability of different qualities and thicknesses makes it suitable for different uses in various sectors.

  • hot rolled sheet

    Hot-rolled sheet

    Hot rolled sheet is available in various formats, thicknesses and grades. It is an ideal choice for applications requiring high mechanical strength and good weldability.

  • cold galvanised sheet metal

    Galvanised and cold-rolled sheet

    Galvanised and cold rolled sheet is a processed rolled steel material used in applications requiring additional corrosion protection.

  • stainless steel sheet aluminium

    Stainless steel and aluminium

    For applications where high corrosion resistance is required, we offer stainless steel and aluminium. This rolled material offers high corrosion resistance and a shiny, silvery appearance.

  • plate plates

    Wear plate

    Wear plate is a rolled steel material used in applications where high resistance to impact or frictional wear is required. 

  • Corten steel

    Corten steel sheet

    Corten sheet is a type of rolled steel with a specific chemical composition that protects against atmospheric corrosion through natural oxidation.

  • Anti-skid plate

    In applications where high slip resistance is required, we offer hot rolled anti-slip sheets with embossing in different thicknesses and shapes depending on the type of sheet. 

  • die-cut sheet metal

    Die-cut sheet metal

    Stamped sheet metal is a rolled steel material that has been stamped with a particular relief or perforation by a stamping process.

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