Galvanised and cold-rolled sheet

They are produced by applying one or more additional processes to hot rolled coil sheet. Galvanised sheet is obtained by applying a zinc treatment that protects the material against the effects of corrosion and oxidation. To produce Cold Rolled Sheet, the material is subjected to a surface cleaning process and then reduced in thickness to the desired level.
cold galvanised sheet metal

Technical characteristics

  • Manufactured according to the standardUNE-EN 10346:2015
  • Standard supplyUNE-EN 10025-2,3,4,5,6:2020
  • Standard tolerancesUNE-EN10029:2011/UNE-EN10051:2012
  • QualitiesDC01, DX51+Z200, S220GD+Z250
  • FinishesRolled / Zinc plated
  • Stock Formats2000x1000 / 3000x1500 / 6000x1500
* Other qualities on request

TRransformation and handling

Main uses

Both galvanised and cold-rolled steels, some for their better corrosion resistance and others for their improved hardness and precision, are used in various sectors such as automotive, furniture manufacturing, renewable energy and construction.

Sections and weights
galvanised plate

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