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Specialised services

Installation, overhaul and maintenance of industrial safety systems

EPIS dispensing machines

Self-dispensing systems for personal protective equipment (PPE) and other spare parts.

Checking of breathing apparatus

Servicing and maintenance of powered breathing and air supply equipment.

Service for checking harnesses and other height protection equipment.

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Checking harnesses and installing lifelines

At Sinase we provide height protection solutions backed by leading international brands in occupational safety.

Personalised Analysis and Professional Advice

We deal with the supply, installation and maintenance of height protection systemsThe company is committed to meeting safety standards and carrying out periodic inspections in accordance with the regulations in force.

Specialised training

As part of our commitment to occupational safety, we organise trainings in cooperation with brand manufacturers of the security equipment we provide.

Comprehensive Services Offered:

  • On-site audit to identify specific risks and needs.
  • Advice and development of working procedures to optimise safety in operations.
  • Installation of horizontal and vertical lifelines in accordance with safety standards.
  • Installation and periodical revision of non-compliant systems to maintain safety at all times.
  • Replacement or repair of systems to maintain security at all times.
  • Training in complex systems and equipment to train their staff in their safe use.

Self-dispensing systems

Maximises efficiency and ensures safety at your workplace with our self-dispensing system.

Integrated management of PPE:

  • Advanced MonitoringAccess to detailed consumption and cost reports via our web platform.
  • Intelligent ReplenishmentRemote stock control for automatic and timely replenishment.
  • Overstock ReductionYou only pay for what you consume, avoiding overages and stock shortages.
  • Continuous SupportFrom installation to training and recharging, we take care of everything.

Rely on our technology for a supply of PPE that is always available and under control. Contact us to implement your auto-dispensing system.

Checking of breathing apparatus

We inspect and maintain motorised and air supply equipment.

Detailed Reviews:

  • Motorised equipment: Comprehensive check to ensure optimal operation.
  • Hygiene and Cleanliness: Complete disinfection for safe use.
  • Fungible Material: Component replacement for maximum efficiency.
  • Equipment Calibration: Precise adjustments, specialisation in Jupiter™ model.
  • Module replacement: Upgrades to Jupiter™ equipment to extend its service life.
  • Rigorous Verification: Perfect functioning confirmed by experts.

We guarantee the functionality and longevity of your equipment.

Our expertise ensures maximum efficiency and safety of your breathing apparatus. For enquiries or services, please contact us.

Staircase check

  • Full InspectionWe check the safety of your ladders in accordance with current regulations.
  • Detailed DiagnosisWe examine the structure, steps and anti-slip elements to prevent accidents.
  • Proficiency CertificationWe qualify your stairs as suitable, or indicate necessary repairs.


  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure your ladders comply with all safety regulations.
  • Accident Prevention: We minimise occupational risks associated with the use of ladders.
  • Efficient Maintenance: We identify problems early, avoiding higher costs for emergency repairs.

Fast and Reliable - Protect your equipment with our overhaul services. Contact us for more information.