Die-cut sheet metal

Starting from flat sheet metal, it is transformed by means of dies or shears, either by perforating the material, expanding it in some cases or only applying a relief in others.
die-cut sheet metal

Technical characteristics

  • Manufactured according to the standardUNE EN 10111:2009
  • Standard supplyUNE-EN 10025-2,3,4,5,6:2020
  • Standard tolerancesUNE-EN10029:2011/UNE-EN10051:2012
  • QualitiesDD11 / DC01 / S235JR / DX51 / AISI 304 / AW5754*.
  • FinishesPerforated / Stamped / Deployee
  • Stock Formats2000x1000
* Other qualities on request

TRransformation and handling

Main uses

Die-cut sheet is used to manufacture decorative and functional parts in a wide variety of applications. It is characterised by its ability to create unique, customised designs and its flexibility to adapt to different shapes and sizes. It is valued for its wide variety of patterns and shapes, making it a popular choice for creative and functional projects.

Sections and weights
die-cut plate

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