Steel distribution

Metal enclosures

We offer a wide range of enclosure solutions for your construction and decoration projects. Their durability, ease of installation and variety of designs make them the ideal choice for a wide range of applications in roofs, facades and enclosures in general.

  • Netting

    Enclosure meshes

    Mesh made mainly by braiding and welding galvanised wire of different diameters, shapes and dimensions, with a wide variety of uses depending on the characteristics of each product.

  • Sheet metal

    Cladding sheets

    Profiled sheets in trapezoidal, corrugated or rectangular shapes, with galvanised coating and which can be painted in various colours.

  • sandwich panel

    Sandwich Panel

    It consists of two pre-lacquered steel plates in various shapes and colours, with polyurethane foam insulation in between.

  • belts and straps

    Belts and straps

    Cold-rolled steel strips commonly used for the connection of porticoes and the support of roofs and facades.